We make our beer, on site, from scratch and with hard work.

We roll with a solid set of stainless steel tanks, with minimal automation. Which means we do the work, not computers and gadgets.

We also have a nifty pilot system, which allows for small batches of tasty innovation. That means if you pop in in the beer works, there's possibly something new and never-featured-before on tap to try.


One of the great advantages of being in Canada's highest city is its consistent water supply, right from the mountains. The water is a bit like a blank canvas and possesses just enough minerals to support our style of beer making.

We use select malt varieties from Canada and abroad, and most of our hops are grown in the US. We cook them up with a little sumthin' sumthin', and a solid dose of inspiration. A few weeks later, it's ready to give'r.


Over Time cares about its green footprint over time. We’re proud of the start we’ve made, but we’re far from clocking out yet.

Currently all of our spent grains go to a local butcher/rancher who in turn supplies our taproom with custom Beerstick sausages.

Our organic liquid leftovers (hops, yeast, spices, etc.) are composted as much as possible. The compost is used to grow organic vegetables sold in the local farmers market.

Got questions about our brewery? Give us a holler!