Nighten up, tighten up: here comes the dark. This is a chocolate, roasty, toasty full-bodied character, a sound accompaniment to ringing in the evening or reining in the dawn. An all around tip of the hat, and not at all out-of-sorts at any time of the day.

5.1% alc /vol.  |  15 IBU

Appearance: A reddish brown so dark it looks black. Hold it up to the light to enjoy the colours of this beer. It has a medium-head that is toffee-cream coloured.

Aroma: There’s a bit of chocolate, a bit of flower, a hint of lemon: it all comes together.

Taste: This beer is malt-forward; full of caramel and chocolate, it has a hint of roastiness. This is our least bitter beer.

Impression: Surprisingly light, this is a smooth treat that doesn’t let it’s alcohol show.