Right About Now


FS, brutha, this IPA is one of those medium hop, high aroma East Coast IPA's. Think sweet malt, citrus notes and a whiffle-ball bat's worth of bitterness to knock it out of the park. When you get down to it, it gets down to it. Check it out now.

6.5% alc /vol.  |  70 IBU

Appearance: Gorgeous ruby red core. Off-white head.

Aroma: Resinous citrus peel comes off the hop and sticks to your nose. A candy-like English yeast presence makes this beer smell like a grown-up treat.

Taste: A rich selection of malts brings the caramel character that balances out the bitterness of this beer. Giving the impression of sweetness, the rich maltiness of the beer brings out dark-fruit tones to match out the citrus-resin dry-hop.

Impression: Velvety smooth, this beer balances the bitter and the sweet and finishes with a gentle dry-hop character.