Mountain Standard

Golden Ale

This timely beer is high on the go-to list. It's a light, lager-like ale with medium body, malty-grainy flavour, and a crisp, dry finish. Mountain Standard promises to set clocks back to a time when one good beer tasted a little like having another one.

5% alc /vol.  |  25 IBU

Appearance: Rich gold in colour. Thick white head.

Aroma: Floral hops match American Ale Yeast that brings a faint hint of berry (a bit like cherry popsicle).

Taste: Slightly bitter, nice ’n’ fizzy, with a bready, malt backbone. A faint hint of toffee and that berry yeast round out this ale.

Impression: A good-tasting drinkin’ beer. Our 'beeriest' beer.