Vanilla Porter

Oi! Take off to the dark side of the noon with this scrumdiddlyumptious Porter. A smooth, malty brew moonlit by vanilla sweetness that'll leave a chocolaty umbra in yer mouth. This post meridiem pint is here to put the OOO into orbit. Afternoon, sir!  
Afternoon is our One Of A Time Beer for January.

5.5% alc /vol.  |  22 IBU

Appearance: Dark mahogany with an opacity so deep it's like trying to see through night's wild. Topped with a foamy head and a chocolaty hue. 

Aroma: Vanilla wafers dipped in warm chocolate. 

Taste: Super malty and moderately sweet, a satisfying treat for the palate.

Impression: Medium-bodied with slight carbonation, mildly warming and ever-so-smooth.

One Of A Time Beers are new and never-featured-before beers, created once a month in small batches for a limited release.

Best way to try 'em? Right on site where they're made or on tap at a few tiptop establishments. Wherever they're at, they won't last forever. Once the batch is done, it's done. So get 'em while the getting's good.

It's always a good Time.